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Tommijean Thomas



Tommijean Thomas (Tommi) is a Certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher. She & her husband (Ben) began Intensive training with B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India, in 1979. They continued training in India with Guruji and the Iyengar family over another ten trips to India. Training with the Iyengars was also at the U.S. Conventions.. Her teaching has included classes, workshops, and privates both locally and nationally. She has conducted teacher trainings and college courses in yoga Tommi is also a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice at the doctorate level. She has treated patients in CA since 1987. Most recently, Tommi & Ben, published their yoga book of 537 pages, “Iyengar Yoga The Integrated and Holistic Path to Health,” with a foreword by B.K.S. Iyengar. This manual presents a step-by-step method of learning Iyengar Yoga. Their text also includes the significant results of their extensive research involving 614 Iyengar Yoga practitioners. The physical, medical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of Iyengar Yoga practice were scientifically validated. Tommi’s writings have also been published in Journal of Psychological Reports, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, Yoga in America, Yoga Rahasya, and Yoga Journal. Initially, Tommi & Ben learned yoga from the son of Pattabhi Jois.They trained for three years before Guruji accepted them to teach. Miraculous relief from debilitating varicose veins has contributed to Tommi’s longterm dedication to yoga. Tommi and Ben have raised six children and enjoy four grandchildren. They are in their 37th year of marriage. They recently re-located to Arizona with the intent of semi-retiring.


Iyengar Intensive Classes (Mon 11 to Fri 15)

Type     Duration Title Day Time
Sat  Brahma  Middling  1.0 hour(s)  Pranayama: Practicing Breath Awareness And Rhythmic Control Monday  05:00 pm  to  06:00 pm
Sat  Brahma  Mild  1.0 hour(s)  Meditation Techniques And Restorative Postures Monday  06:30 pm  to  08:30 pm
Sat  Brahma  Middling  1.0 hour(s)  How To Establish A Private Practice For Serious Practitioners And For Those On The Go Tuesday  08:00 am  to  10:00 am
Sat  Brahma  Mild  2.0 hour(s)  Tadasana (mountain Pose): The Basic Standing Pose And Its Ubiquitous Applications Wednesday  03:00 pm  to  05:00 pm
Sat  Brahma  Middling  1.0 hour(s)  The Art Of Relaxation And Stress Management Wednesday  05:00 pm  to  07:00 pm
Sat  Brahma  Middling  2.0 hour(s)  Creating Balance In Yoga And In Life Thursday  09:00 am  to  11:00 am





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