The Sacred Thread of Yoga

David Lifar



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, David and his wife Iana first met Indra Devi, who they knew as Mataji, in 1982. He started yoga with Mataji in February 1985, when she decided to settle in Buenos Aires. In February 1987, force of circumstances led to him accompanying his wife to help arrange a Presentation of Indra Devi's work in Uruguay. Little by little David had been becoming close to Indra Devi "almost without realizing it, and he gave a public talk, in aid of her work, at the Cantegrill Country Club of Punta del Este. This was followed by another at the Municipality of Maldonado, and then a visit to the Correctional Institute of San Carlos. All these were successful and helped establish a new direction for David's life. He was from that time on involved in the Indra Devi Foundation, and helped Mataji with the administration of her Studios. In 1987, when she established the Indra Devi Yoga Foundation, he became the Executive Secretary. He oversaw the publication, in Argentina, of Mataji's books "Forever Young Forever Healthy", “Yoga for Everybody”, “Sai Yoga ", "Breathe Right for Better Living” and" Words of the Heart”, still the best-selling self-help books in that country. In 1988, 1989 and 1990, the Indra Devi Foundation organized the 1st., 2nd ,and 3rd "International Encounters of Teachers of Yoga". Swami Satchidananda was amongst those who participated. The events saw the launch of the magazine "Yoga, Art and Science of  Life", of which is still the chief editor. In March 1989 David began a series of free pranayama classes, still ongoing, to spread the benefits of yoga and Mataji's teachings. In May 1993 he participated in the “100 years of Yoga in America” Conference held in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. In 1994 he was a Special Guest, along with Indra Devi, of the United Nations.






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