The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Anna Delury



Anna Delury began to practice Iyengar Yoga as a teenager.  Mentored by Mary Dunn, she  taught her first yoga class in 1980 at the Center for Yoga, Los Angeles.  Since 1982, Anna has traveled regularly to Pune to study with the Iyengar family, and since 1989 has assisted in the medical classes.  She trains Iyengar Yoga teachers including in UC Riverside’s Iyengar Yoga training program and is an Iyengar Yoga certification assessor and mentor. Known for her insight and wry sense of humor, Anna brings her background in Kinesiology as well as a practical study of yoga philosophy into each class, as she helps guide students to a deeper understanding and awareness of what lies within each of them.

Iyengar Intensive Classes (Mon 11 to Fri 15)

Type     Duration Title Day Time
Chit  Vishnu  Mild  2.0 hour(s)  How To Practice Monday  04:00 pm  to  06:00 pm
Chit  Brahma  Mild  2.0 hour(s)  Sciatica Tuesday  01:00 pm  to  03:00 pm
Sat  Vishnu  Middling  2.0 hour(s)  Position And Action Tuesday  06:30 pm  to  08:30 pm
Chit  Brahma  Mild  3.0 hour(s)  Menopause: A Time Of Transition And Transformation Wednesday  09:00 am  to  12:00 pm
Sat  Brahma  Middling  2.0 hour(s)  Standings And Inversions Wednesday  03:30 pm  to  05:30 pm





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