The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Cathy Rogers Evans

Class Title: An Exploration in the Use of Props as Described by BKS Iyengar

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Tuesday, October, 12th: 7:30 am to 10:30 am

Class Description:

Time to try out a wide variety of props. Experience the effect of being supported in the asana. The effect of props is extraordinary and has to be experienced.Almost all of our familiar asanas and pranayamas can be improved by the use of the appropriate prop,but how do we choose the correct prop at the right time? The props are an instrument that help us to play the music of our bodies better.Also like language they have to be used correctly or, like using a word in the wrong place ,we could be causing a completely different effect. Props can be used therapeutically or simply to support and extend the posture. In this workshop, by working in groups, you can experiment and learn the effects of a wide variety of props in a broad selection of postures. This session will be educational for both yoga practitioners and teachers.

Duration: 3.0 hour(s)

Class Notes: Bring your mat, at least three blankets, as many bolsters and blocks as possible. If you can bring extra props, Halasana stool Setubanha bench, Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana bench (backbender), slanting planks or anything else which you have, it would be appreciated (but is not required).
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