The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Ben Thomas

Class Title: Experience the Legacy: Teacher(s) to Student:The Student, the Teacher, the Knowledge should all become One

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Wednesday, October, 13th: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Class Description:

The legacy of the teacher to and through the students is not only the actuality of the relationship, it is also the Blessings past on through the sequential line of teachers to the student in the form of knowledge – to be refined, confirmed, and applied to new experiences; then it becomes wisdom.

The concept of The Legacy and Blessings of our varied Teachers will be the ever-present conscious thoughts in this class.

Brief Discourse & Questions/Answers

Handouts Included

Bring 1-2 blankets and your mat.

The class begins with an Opening Ritual, moves to the body of the class, and ends with a Closing Ritual.

Duration: 1.0 hour(s)

Class Notes:

As the quotation states, The Teacher, The Student, The Knowledge Should All Become One.

The Teacher initially leads, teaches, and guides the student; later on, the teacher says less while guiding and stands beside the student; further on in time, given the continuing development and maturity of the teacher and the student, the Blessing and Legacy, the embodiment of the knowledge, then they all become one.

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Sacred Thread