The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Five-Day Iyengar Yoga Intensive

Some notes to help you select your classes

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This 5-Day Iyengar yoga Intensive is being taught by a group of skilled and highly certified Iyengar teachers. All are of the very highest quality and experience. They have been running Teachers Training Courses, and/or assessing candidates and prospective Iyengar teachers, and/or mentoring teacher trainers, teachers, and students for decades. These notes are provided to help you select the classes you would like to attend. Classes are graded and classified using the following sets of trinities symbolized by the yajnopavita or sacred thread:
A) Sat / Chit / Ananda which represent: General Asana & Pranayama / Special Teachings / Particular Interests
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Foundation Practice Principles Brahma / Vishnu / Siva | Foundation / Practice / Principles
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Mild / Middling / Intense Mild / Middling / Intense | (or 'mrdu', 'madhya' and 'adhimatra', the three kinds of yoga practitioners described by Sage Patanjali)
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Please click on the links above to find out more about these categories. There are classes to suit every interest, taste and experience level. Also remember that although there is a lot of choice and you are welcome to come to as many classes as you want, be sure to properly respect your energy levels and capabilities. Also do not forget to plan some time to eat, rest, and digest information between one of your planned sessions and the next!
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